Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My xox!

Assalamualaikum..hello people..salam bahagia...hehe.. hows ur days goes today? hope everything was good. ok today i want to share something with u guys out there. Instead of posting about fashion, today, my post is about how to earn some extra money! excited?? haha dun get too excited people. it's just an opportunity i would love to share with u guys. so selamat membaca. =)

have u ever heard about xox? ok basically xox ni sbuah telco network company mcm maxis, celcom, digi etc...xox ni anak syarikat kpd celcom, so ape yg interesting sgt pasal xox ni, of course la die punye call rate, murah! ni bkn nk promote, im using it too plus we'll get bout 1800 free sms. if im not mistaken la...tp if salah pon for sure free sms tu sgt2 lah byk beribu..smpai x terlarat nk sms. sms free ni between xox user - xox user and also xox user - celcom user. Can u imagine how much we can save? skrg pun celcom users dh bertambah ramai... besides that, its not only the rate yg murah tapi at the same time boleh buat duit jugak. So if u're interested, do not hesitate to msg me at facebook or drop ur comment here. Susah nk cerita pjg2 kt sini. To get a clearer picture u guys boleh tgk dkt website bawah ni or u guys can simply click banner xox kt side column blog ni :


Dlm web di atas jugak, ade tertera my phone number. So, u can directly call me or text me for further details. So, see u guys soon for more sweet updates!

Dream big. =)

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