Saturday, June 19, 2010

some things are better left unsaid

yes its true. even some says we have to fight for our right, but i still pick to keep things in silence. some people are just too proud with themselves, they think they do the right thing, they are always right, they are the best and whenever they had a fight or problems they tend to put all the blame to everyone else but never think about their own fault. People like these, i wish someday they are going to fall real hard. So that they will open up their eyes and SEE that they are just a normal ordinary person like everyone else.

Im so sorry readers, i have mood swings lately, i felt disturbed with some things i can't explain, i've been dwelling with it for quiet some times. Im actually wanted to share as many info & opportunity i have with u guys, but i can smell that some people are trying to take advantage from all my posts. Stealing others idea and make it yours is a really stupid way to reach your goal. i repeat, STUPID WAY. If you want to succeed in whatever u're doing, make it YOUR OWN WAY. Yes, i admit that we need an inspiraton but it does not mean that we have to STEAL others idea; COPY & PASTE, oh what an easy job huh? I really hate that. Last but not least, please be honest in whatever we do in life. If u play with shit, u'll surely get shit, sooner or later. Life is simple. So, think. If u think that u are good enough, think twice who u really are. What a shame. Jealousy really kills.

well, im sorry again readers for this stupid post. Where else i can let go all these shitsss. btw, don't be worry. i will come back with a good post soon. Give me some time people. Till then, take care & DREAM BIG. =)

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