Saturday, May 29, 2010

im home!

finally, after a long busy & hectic semester in shah alam; with loads of work & drama, i am now back to my lovely peace hometown, alor star. OOoohh seronok! Surrounded with a nice landscape of paddy field & a breezy hot air here, i am now warmed up! to be honest, kedah is such a HOT state in Malaysia. I rather spent a whole day sleeping instead of going out since the weather is just too hot,yes...i really can't stand with this sweaty climate but after all,no matter how "kampung" & how hot kedah is, i really proud to be here. This is the state that brought me to life, this is the small town where im growing up with my beloved family. This is the place where i came from. So no matter how far i go, i will surely comeback kedah! ;)

to be continued...................................

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I do not believe in BEST FRIEND FOREVER

why? because people change, we change, u change, i change, from the worst to better or from better to the worst. Stop dreaming to live happily ever after because fairy tale never exist. I am not rebelling, but this is how i lived my life. To see the truth within the lies. Like what my dad always said to me " there are no such thing as BEST FRIEND FOREVER, friends come & go just like that!" & i will always remember this as long as i breathe.
So JUST BE FRIEND WITH EVERYONE. It could be better, perhaps.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My current obsession


It does work with almost any outfit. Im so loving it! yummy! see the pictures below. Got an idea on how to wear it?? so go for it!! wear it YOUR STYLE.


Its simple & for sure it is HOT!
But remember, minimize ur makeup if u want to go out with red lips. AVOID SMOKEY EYES, it will make u look like a dying ghost...oh NO! wear a basic color eyeshadow for eg. cream, bronze, light grey or to play safe, do not wear any eyeshadow at all.. a simple thin line of eye liner is enough said. to look more dramatic, don't forget your natural look fake eyelashes & u are just dazzling hot!! =)

p/s: search for makeup tutorial at youtube or anywhere so u'll find the perfect way to wear the red lips on! =)

Friday, May 7, 2010

2nd Semester Final Design

As promised, this is my final design, inspired by giraffe.

Thanks to my lovely model Fatin. U making my outfit looks gorgeous. =)

And for my other classmate's design, i still can't find a good time to collect all their photos yet. So if u eagerly wants to see their final look, do check it out at my facebook profile.
Search :

See u guys soon! Take care & dream BIG.

p/s : If u want something so badly, it will be yours someday or somehow. So keep on moving & trying until u get what u want.