Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I do not believe in BEST FRIEND FOREVER

why? because people change, we change, u change, i change, from the worst to better or from better to the worst. Stop dreaming to live happily ever after because fairy tale never exist. I am not rebelling, but this is how i lived my life. To see the truth within the lies. Like what my dad always said to me " there are no such thing as BEST FRIEND FOREVER, friends come & go just like that!" & i will always remember this as long as i breathe.
So JUST BE FRIEND WITH EVERYONE. It could be better, perhaps.


  1. People who care less about what others say about them succeed more than those who concern much.Remember,you control your life.NOT them.

  2. there is a BFF in diz planet though it's hard to find n yet d ratio could b 1:10 only. however, give some trust in them n c how is it goin. juz dun push urself so hard in believe or not to believe people. i find one. u may find one too. soon perhaps. juz CHILL k! take care girl.

  3. syu; thanks for ur words, but still i am not. haha =P
    it's not a matter of trust or believe anyway..i just not interested to have one.

  4. ha'a kot.erk ha'a la.hahaha