Saturday, May 29, 2010

im home!

finally, after a long busy & hectic semester in shah alam; with loads of work & drama, i am now back to my lovely peace hometown, alor star. OOoohh seronok! Surrounded with a nice landscape of paddy field & a breezy hot air here, i am now warmed up! to be honest, kedah is such a HOT state in Malaysia. I rather spent a whole day sleeping instead of going out since the weather is just too hot,yes...i really can't stand with this sweaty climate but after all,no matter how "kampung" & how hot kedah is, i really proud to be here. This is the state that brought me to life, this is the small town where im growing up with my beloved family. This is the place where i came from. So no matter how far i go, i will surely comeback kedah! ;)

to be continued...................................

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