Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh RED!

hello hello!! finally im back on track! hehe, well people, forgive me, i just got my mood back in fashion! woohhooo... ok, i don't know why, i am so into red lately. From handbag, nails, lips and even my hair turning red. Gosh im so reddish. =p ok. tak tahulah yer skrg ni pulak dh mengintai2 red shoes pulak. haihh.. tak boleh ke kalau setahun xde rasa nk bershoping fashion stuffs ni? xpelah, its just a research anyway, lagipun blh share dgn u guys out there kan? kot2 nk bershoping sempena bukak sem ni (uitm student especially, hehe).

okay dearies, my suggestion if u also wanted to buy a pair of red shoes, i suggest u guys beli kasut yg mengikut keselesaan, i mean, high heels mmg cantik tapi bkn smua tmpat kita nk pkai heels kan? unless if kaki korang mmg kalis melecet & kebal, bolehla 24/7 pkai heels, how i wish i can. in my dream! haha. so its your choice then, heels, wedges, pumps or flat?? go get it. but try to avoid shiny material, sbb warna dh merah mak ngah, tambah bekilat pulak, hamboihhh.. faham2la. hehee

something like this??
the material is suede, i love! ;)

or as cute as this??????? OMG.


for those yg mmg gila FASHION, i rasa u guys dh familiar dgn cropped top ni or even yg x gila fashion pun tau or perhaps penah tgk this type of top. ok, if im not mistaken, cropped style ni famous zaman 80's dulu. kan? correct me if im wrong. hehe, and actually i pun xtaula skrg ni trend ke tak pkai this cropped top tapi i rasa if we wanna wear it, its not a problem anyway.. tp utk cropped top/ shirt ni i suggest pakai dgn singlet, its better, or it can work with highwaisted pants/ short. but if u are daring enough, just wear it on its own with your skinny. simple n sexayy..u go girl! ;p so what do u think?

honestly, i jnis yg xterlalu terikat dgn trend. i do follow it but not to be ruled by it. trust me guys, jgn terlampau nk kejar trend or tlalu obses utk nmpk fashionable. bila kita terlampau nk nampak trendy or fashionable, kadang kita xsedar yg kita nmpak kelakar . im not pointing to anyone, i say it based from my own experience, yela, bila teringat zaman2 baru nk up dulu, tegelak teringat diri sdiri. punya nk berfesyen smpai kadang2 tak kene tmpat. haha, lawak oh.. but it does not mean yg skrg ni i dah up sgt. no no no. im still learning anyway. skrg ni pun kdg2 kelakar lagi sbnarnye. haha

for me, the beauty of fashion will come from our heart. we know what best for us. stop being someone's wannabe. for me, i love fashion for my own satisfaction. bkn utk menunjuk or utk dipuji. whatever i love, i'll wear it. xkisahla mahal ke murah, branded atau tidak, up to date or outdated, its not a matter for me. yg penting kita selesa, tak nampak odd & berfesyen bkn dgn niat nak menunjuk or nk attract attention org lain & most important thing be yourself, make it your own way. janganla tgk org pakai mcm tu, kita pun nk pakai mcm tu. org pakai mcm ni, kita pun nk pakai mcmni. we will look boring. boleh meniru & in fact fashion pun actually berkitar2 jugak, tapi biarla bersesuaian dgn tempat, masa dan keadaan. i keep repeating the same thing. CREATE OUR OWN STYLE. tapi jgnla sbb nak create style sdiri sampai pakai underwear kt luar mcm superman tu, got what i mean? haha. remember, in fashion, LESS IS MORE.


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