Monday, October 10, 2011

Things happen for a reason

We tie up a relationship in a piece of paper. It's not the paper that we count. Its the pure feeling between two hearts. The promise we made. Please stay strong. I rely on u. <3

I wish i can be happy with you, leave everything bout my past far behind, start a new life, a new journey. Yes it is hard for me to forget bout my past. It hurt me so bad. Really bad. But whatever it is, life must goes on. I won't let my head keep haunted by my past. Live on, move on Nora. U will gain nothing if u keep crying and keep thinking about it. Things happen for a reason. There's no use to cry over a split milk. What done is done. U don't have the power to rewind the time, wishing that everything can be repeated. U living in the present towards the future. Appreciate every single thing that u have now Nora. Stop thinking bout your ex, you are now married! you are a wife to a wonderful husband. Stop thinking bout the one who never appreciate you. He's not worth it. Let him be happy with his own life and u should be happy with your own life too nora. U got everything that u want for so long. A wonderful husband. He's caring, mature,responsible, cool, handsome, have a good carrier, he's willing to do anything just to make u smile. Yes i am so lucky to get him as my husband, thank you syg, u really safe my life. I'm sorry if i hurt u. U bear with all my problems. U never mad at me even if i told u that i'm thinking bout my ex. He's so cool. Yes i know I'm lucky! I will pay back everything that i owe u my dear husband. Stop wasting your time for something worthless. Try to work something on. Fight for your life, you want a better future isn't it? so work for it! Okay i'm done motivate myself. I will improve, i promise to myself. Things happen fora reason. God have the answer for all these. Take care Nora, take a good care of your husband too. "Yes I will" :)

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