Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome =)

At last, i am officially created my own personal blog after a long time blogging for business.
Well, hello readers! no matter where & who u are hello! 1st of all, im generally will write my post in bahasa Melayu + some english = rojak la =p ...sbb xlarat nk menyusun bahasa.. so, lets get it started! haha.

Actually sebelum ni x tefikir pun nk blogging for personal purpose. tp lpas dh hampir 2 tahun buat blogshop, terdetik nak buat personal blog so that lebih byk yg boleh kita kongsi. as a blogshop owner, i do have a lot of contacts around Malaysia, i do dealing with a lots of people & i believe ramai yg kenal i kt luar sana, i mean knal i through my blogshop ok.hehe. tp i don't have much time to get to know u guys. Actually masa mula2 i created My Fashion's Closet dulu, i xpernah terfikir yg my blog akan pergi sejauh ni. Alhamdulillah rezeki dari Tuhan, my blog smakin bekembang & makin ramai org yg dh kenal dgn My Fashion's Closet & to my followers & regular customer all around the world (around malaysia je kot.heee), i do appreciate your support guys. love u! =)

So hopefully after this, dgn adanya my personal blog ni, i do hope we can get to know each other better. Actually i buat blog ni bkn utk nk bercerita mengenai my life which i consider it as a very personal things to share with everyone. Tp my blog ni lebih kpd nk share my experiences & interest with u guys out there, & of course more towards fashion or anything helpful i can share with u. Whatever it is, wait until my next post........

i'll see u soon! =)

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