Friday, April 30, 2010


Ok, benda yg paling student AD malas, menggelabah, takut & sbagainya nk hadap adalah FINAL ASESSMENT. tanyala smua student AD. Everyone will definitely say YES! ketakutan nk asess lg takut dr nk exam paper ni...even paper yg paling susah pun xsetakut nk asess...ok, for u guys yg xtau, utk final asessment utk student fashion. kitorg kene present & submit semua work2 fashion yg kitorg buat spjg sem SERENTAK ok. means, if ade 4subjek, empat2 la kene present serentak. Tp sem ni luckily xde fashion ilustration so, utk final asessment ni kene submint pattern (kemeja & skirt) & design. Utk design sem ni kitorg part 2 dpt theme street wear & inspiration ade 3 : animal, insects or marine life. I chose animal: GIRAFFE. Why giraffe?? smua org mcm pelik dgn my inspiration, mcm kelakar kan buat giraffe? xganas lansung. haha. i have no answer for that too. Actually at first nk ambik spider, tp mcm dh common sgt, then igt nk buat hornbill tp xtau nk develop idea. last2 terfikir giraffe then bila pgi survey2 kain terpandang kain tu sebijik giraffe prints, seketul2 atas kain. haha so ape lagi..mmg dgn confident buat giraffe! as simple as that.

Dan sudah pasti, i akan mengalami masalah when it comes to the development of idea, honestly, im not really good in design. Maybe im good with mix & match thingy, but not in design. Bila kita sebut FASHION DESIGN, rasa mcm mudah..mcm bila buat, oh its not that easy... *sigh*...sgt tough! but whatever it is, its my choice to jump into this course, so ill take it as a challenge. ..& finally my final design is almost done. tinggal jahit lengan..& of course my design tidaklah hebat nk dibandingkan dgn idea2 briliiant classmate i yg lain and i bet my design is the simplest among my coursemate i think. tersangat2 simple....ini je yg termampu i buat. hopefully next sem ill be better. Amin. (finger crossed) hehe so, for u guys out there, wait for my next post okay? im thinking of posting all the final work from my classmate too. Some of their design are just SUPERB!! Can't wait?? so BE MY GUEST. Until we meet again. Take care & dream BIG! =)

ok, this is my design. too simple isnt it?? i know.
but wait, its still under construction. =p

i am now start to love sewing. swing! =)

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