Monday, April 5, 2010

Going out for McD

haha. today the whole day duduk rumah. My BF yg comel tu (comel ke? hee) pgi berlawan bola sepak, then pgi gig lah, here ia am..dudukla rumah ye..duduk rumah, berehat yer kawan2..bukan nk buat work yg menggunung tinggi dgn asessment & final exam yg dah dihujung tanduk...oh noo.....pls wake up nora...wake up!!!!!!!! hopefully everything will be just fine...jgnla buat no no!

btw, sbb duduk rumah xtau nk buat ape..then mulala nk merepek2. i get my nails coloured..haha gedik. red color yer kwn2..feeling2 hot..agagagaa....then tgk ABP, mcm agak bosanla ABP..maybe sbb tiap2 thn pun bnda yg sama so...mmg bosan & im not really interested. Abis je ABP, ade customer tgu kt bawah rumah nak ambik baju..wah bisnes smpi ke tgh mlm. Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari Allah jugak. Syukur teramat syukur dgn segalanya. but still, skrg ni i am so worried dgn assignments yg melambak2 plus at the same time nk kene kejar test la, presentation la, pre assesment & most important thing, FINAL ASESSMENT on 3rd dying!!!.. i know its all my fault...just because of that stupid problems, i drag everything till i don't know where to start back...all i can do is just, work hard. really2 hard. i hope i can make it..

whatever it is, i wanna share with u guys some of my photos today. =)

im wearing smoking girl shirt, legging + big flower ring!
as simple as i can. nk kuar ke Mc D thru pulak.haha
but then i still wanna look fashionable. so dats y pkai dat big ring.
trust me, with fancy ring, boleh buat kita nmpk trendy, even if kita pkai as simple as posible.
so, cubalah! go for DIVA, Accesorize & Forever21.
All their accecories sgt fancy & stylo. =p
fashionable ke?
haha, long as i love what am i wearing.
p/s: ramai yg nak baju ni but sorry guys. stocks really limited.
dah sold out.. =(

i love this ring! isn't it cute?
bought it frm pekan frinjan gig @ dataran s.alam last saturday.

nah, elianto chilli red (14) nail color.
oh hot! =p

So, take a good care of yourself people..skrg ni byk kes denggi, so careful! if u guys demam, then pgi check doktor cepat2 ok. ill be seeing u guys soon! =)


  1. I'm an avid lover of quirky rings tooooo! Hello there! :)

  2. hello farah!! its nice to know u! thanx for dropping by.. if u have facebook, do add me so we can get to know each other much better!