Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I still can't forget him.

haihh. today kerja. 2nd day at work; feeling good, but still my heart, not! i don't know why, the more i try to forget him, the more i think about him. Does he feels the same?? i don't want him back. Really i don't but its just so hard to forget him. damn! God why must i feel this way? i can't do anything, all the time my head is haunted by him. I don't have any strength to move on. Why, whyy me?? i hate this feeling. Its killing me. Its really killing me. I wanna live happy. I meet so many friends, but still i can't heal myself. Why i am sooo weakk?? im not like this before. Why? God pls help me. Im stuck! I can go no where!! ;'(

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