Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank God

i love u mama & abah. I love u for every single thing. How i wish i can pay every single thing that u've sacrifice for me. Your time, money, energy and so many things i can't even list. Thankyou for always be by my side. For all the bless you gave. Thank you for showing me the way of life. Thankyou for never giving up in raising me with full of thought & lesson. Thankyou for never dissapointing me for anything that i want. You are greatest mom & dad in my eyes. You will always be. For every minute i breath, i pray that Allah will gives you great health & long live so i can grow old & older with you. I can't imagine my life without you, you are my greatest backbone. Ya Allah, give them all your bless & mercy. Pls love them just like they love me with full of their heart. For every minutes that passed by, i wish i can stay longer wit you, i wish this feeling will never dissapear. ;') Adik sayang mama & abah.

dream BIG.

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