Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's a life decision.

Ok. tajuk kali ni nampak mcm serius, so i tak boleh nak jadi seperti dahulu kala. Tapi sedikit sebanyak rasanya i tak boleh tinggal penyakit gila i walau dlm apa keadaan sekali pun. Haiihh.. What to do that's me. Kalau sekali tgk macam ayu, 2 kali tgk mcm vogue, 3 kali tgk mcm nak cari gaduh, berkali-kali tgk mcm nak mintak sain. Hahaha. Ok, sekian dulu mukadimah untuk hari ini.

Yes. Mmg post kali ni agak serius, mmg serius. I don't know how am i going to explain this. I bet this is not the right time for this story. I should keep it to myself first. I will write everything soon or maybe later. For the time being, I should think of moving on and keep on moving. This is not a love story, it's a lifetime challenge & difficulties i must adapt.

Sad, frustrated, i am. I can't deny. But i believe, things happen for a reason. Time will tell everything. Its not that im giving up, its not that im not trying. I believe, this is not my way. I will keep saying this, cause deep inside my heart, i feel down & frustrated. All i can do now is just follow my heart.

Ok, now im losing my apetite. I felt terrible. My mood swings up and down. I can't think. Im stuck and I just don't know what to do, sometimes, i did cry. I never expect that i will face this kind of situation. To be honest, i am sad. Enough said.

Tomorrow, there's a new hope. I try to rely on it, but i have no idea what is going to happen later. I pray & keep praying for a better day when i wake up the next day. Im scared, im afraid but no matter how bad is the feeling, i shouldn't let all the feeling control myself. I need to fight for myself. I will, InsyaAllah. God is always there for u. ;')

And as i always said, we should never stop to DREAM BIG. Even if we fall down today, doesn't mean we are paralyze tomorrow. Believe in yourself.

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